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The Blank Fortune Cookie

January 4, 2013

Fortune cookies are fun. Most of us look forward to cracking them open and reading what the future holds for us.  I have had a few that I could stretch to be appropriate for what was going on in my life and some that were pretty doggone funny…for instance, I once got one which read, “The answer you seek is in another cookie.” Hmmm…the story of my life! Another favorite:  “I can’t tell your fortune…I’m just a dessert!” And the ever popular, “Thanks for letting me out of this cookie!” I still haven’t figured out the meaning of this one: “The rubber bands are all headed in the same direction.”

The year 2012 was not particularly great for me.  The roller coaster ride seemed to have more dips than highs; which is just the way that life goes sometimes. There were many blessings, but also many losses and unexpected twists and turns. So, when a friend and I went for Chinese food a few days ago, I laughingly suggested that the fortune in my cookie might offer me an idea of what 2013 has in store.

Well, the paper in my cookie was blank.  On both sides.  There were no suggestions for me, which could either be because someone was slacking off in the fortune cookie factory or because I have no future. However, I choose to entertain the other possibility….I can write my own fortune!

Although I had a good laugh about my “un-fortune,” it started me thinking about how easily I can fall into the trap of letting unpleasant situations and setbacks dictate how I define myself and prevent me from moving forward.  I reminded myself that I don’t have to wait for others to write the script for my life, and difficult times don’t have to dictate my future or my attitude.  The past doesn’t have to repeat itself in the future and every minute is a new beginning.  I can keep the things in my life that are serving me well, and move away from those things that are not.

Probably one of the best things that can happen to us is that we occasionally get a blank fortune because then we have a clean slate on which we can design and create.  Of course, nobody really puts any credibility into those fortunes; but when you get an empty one, it makes you think of the possibilities.

As you enter 2013, I hope you will march into it triumphantly, not with a spirit of timidity.  I also wish for you, an empty fortune cookie; and with that…the assurance of your ability to know what is best for you and how to find balance in your life.  After all, you certainly don’t want to be in the path of all those rubber bands heading in the same direction!  Just remember that if you don’t do anything to determine your own future, you will have to accept whatever future you get…and that is how the fortune cookie crumbles!