Lighten Up With These Five Steps of Enlightenment

It sometimes seems as if the world is heavy. Most everything we read or hear about focuses on something unpleasant or even scary! Headline after headline screams violence or anger.

Sometimes, I feel saturated with negativity. I know I need to be aware of what’s going on in the world and I can’t hide my head in the sand, but it’s not healthy to allow negativity to set up camp in my mind!  That is why I believe in the power of positive thoughts. So I offer to you, these five steps of enlightenment that help me move away from the darkness of negative thoughts and into the light of positive attitude:

Lighten your load. Unclutter your life. Evaluate what you need to keep and what you can delegate.

Light up your life with a smile. Add more days to your life by adding more life to your days!

Light up someone else’s life. Move away from your own troubles and focus on how you can help others.

Find your delight! Make time for things that you like to do. Follow your passions!

Seek enlightenment.  Stay in touch with your Higher Power. Make time for prayer, meditation or spiritual renewal.


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