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Cobblers and Cracked Pots

April 29, 2015

I can’t bake pies. This is probably because they don’t come in those frozen rolls that you can slice and bake…like cookies. Every pie crust I have tried to roll out has become all cracked and horribly misshapen.  When I tried to piece them together, their shapes usually ended up more square than round. I call them my “math formula crusts” because my pies R square. Sorry.

One day, the baking fairies blessed me and for some reason, I produced the perfect pie. I was baking it to take to an event and I was very proud and excited to present my masterpiece. And it was beautiful. Until I dropped it.  It rolled around in its pie carrier, and it was no longer a beautiful pie; but suddenly it became a lovely cobbler. No one at the event had a clue that it had started out as one thing and morphed into another. As a matter of fact, people seemed to really enjoy it.

Life is like that. Sometimes we put all of our efforts into something; a relationship, a job, a dream…and things don’t work out the way we planned. Things get broken and sometimes WE get broken. When that happens, we often find ourselves in a downward spiral; reliving the heartbreak and mourning our loss.

I have written before about the Japanese art of Kintsugi, in which broken pottery is mended with a lacquer mixed with gold. The broken places become stronger and actually, more beautiful. The artists treat the breakage and the repair as part of the history of the pottery. It is often “repurposed” and used for something else. It has a second life…just like my broken pie turned cobbler!

Every one of us who live any length of time, will experience disappointment, change or heartbreak at some point. However, applying the Kintsugi theory to our lives, it could be said that when we are emotionally broken; we will heal if we have faith that life is not over, it is merely changing. And we may just find that when we are mended, we will indeed be stronger in our broken places. Every break is a new beginning. Broken pies can become cobblers, which are just as tasty. Broken pots can become beautiful new art pieces. People can emerge from brokenness and become stronger and more beautiful because they have survived!