“But”-Kickin’ Affirmations

We all have a supply of excuses that we can pull out to explain why we hang onto things that are no longer serving us well. I call these big “buts” because they find their way into our conversations which sound something like this, “I would take more time out to have a balanced life, BUT….” or “I’d be less stressed, BUT…..” or even, “I’d try (fill in the blank) because I’ve always wanted to, BUT….”

So, I put before you, some “But”-Kickin’ affirmations, which might remind you of your priorities. Pick the ones that apply to you and post them in a place where you can see them on a daily basis. Then, use and apply them!

I will evaluate troublesome situations in my life and set boundaries.

I will change one thing which is making me feel stressed, unappreciated or crabby!

I will stop making excuses for not trying new things.

I will hang up my super-hero cape and resign as “Fixer of All Things in the Universe!”

Knowing that there are only so may hours in the day, I will decide what responsibilities can be delayed, delegated or dumped!

I DO deserve to enjoy life and will make no apologies for it!

I cannot change anyone else (unless they’re in diapers) but I CAN change my attitude.

When the elastic of my life is stretched to the max, I will take time to find balance in mind, body and spirit.

I will not measure my appearance, success or life against anyone else’s, nor will I live my life to please others. Instead, I will strive for self-improvement.

I would rather climb the mountain and slide down, than to sit at the base of the mountain looking up and wondering what it would feel like to be at the top.

I know that laughter won’t make everything better, but it will make me better for everything. Therefore, I will laugh at least two times per hour. If I can’t think of anything funny, I will fake it ’til I make it! I will continue to connect with the elf in mysELF!


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