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T.G.I.F. (Thanks Giving Is Free!)

November 20, 2012

Here we go again…sailing quickly into the fast and furious Holiday Season, which is launched when Halloween decorations are stowed and throngs of turkeys trot onto thousands of dining room tables.

So now, we are reminded of how we should set aside Thanksgiving Day for acknowledging our many blessings.  ‘Tis true that most of us don’t give enough thought to what we have, but focus primarily on what we lack; and it is a good idea to bring our thoughts back to things for which we are grateful on this day in November….but why only on this day?

I’d like to point out another aspect of giving thanks….the aspect of how wonderful it is to fully and completely accept the gifts that we have been given and to truly rejoice in them every minute of every day. For it is by God’s grace that we have life and perhaps it is a tragedy to waste even a moment of it in regret, anger, jealousy, hatred, guilt or self-pity.

In this rather stressful economic climate, many of us are cutting back and doing without. We may not be able to afford a lot, and may even have to change a lifestyle…but there is so much that is free! It’s not always easy to be grateful in hard times, but I have found that I am largely responsible for my attitude. Hopelessness breeds hopelessness, and joy begets joy. In other words, when money is tight and I am feeling worried or throwing myself a pity party; my mood can spiral downward in a hurry, and I begin to feel the tentacles of anger, blame and fear tightening around me. But, if I take time to shift gears and focus on the things I DO have that give me joy, I am quickly lifted from the pit of despair. And guess what?? Those things are FREE! I don’t have to pay a dime to watch a sunset or hear a child’s laughter or spend time with friends or hug my grandkids.

Does gratitude make everything better for me? Nope…but it sure makes me better for everything!  Giving thanks reminds us of the truly valuable aspects of life, which are usually not the material things. It can give you amazing returns in the form of light-heartedness and hope….and it costs nothing!

Pardon me for sounding like Pollyanna, but in my life, I have been miserable and I have been thankful….and believe me, giving thanks is far better!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!