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Mental Flossing to Prevent Truth Decay

April 19, 2012

Sometimes we just can’t get away from negative people; who shall be called “trolls” for the purposes of this article. And sometimes our brains can be overrun with Automatic Negative Thoughts, which are otherwise known as ANTS. Having ants in our pants is serious, but having ants in our brains can be downright deadly!

Negative people, situations and thoughts can skew reality; causing us to perceive things as truth that are not really true! For instance, when we compare ourselves to other people and just don’t measure up to their standards….we are walking on a thin line and run the risk of convincing ourselves that we aren’t good enough or successful enough or attractive enough or anything else enough!  If we allow ourselves to be influenced by someone else’s opinion of us; that too, is a slippery slope into the pit of despair! It is a false concept that becomes our truth.

This is not to say that we should ignore constructive criticism or not try to improve ourselves; it simply means that if a troll is having a grumpy day and hisses at us or if someone is literally sucking all of the joy out of the room, or if someone’s opinion of us is mean spirited, we need to be able to put things into proper perspective and not let their foul mood define our attitude.

It also means that we have to monitor our own thoughts and not rent mental space out to non-productive or negative images. Your brain is prime property! You need to keep the neighborhood in good shape and not allow it to turn into a garbage dump!

Our thoughts are things. Every time we allow a negative image to enter into our brain and we continue to focus on it and nurture it, we are allowing it to progress to the point of making a neural –connection which will become a permanent part of our thinking process.  We then have a mistaken perception of what is really true…yikes! We literally can program our brains to automatically flip into negative thinking mode, but we can also “floss” out those thoughts and reprogram with positive connections. Whew! That’s good news!

When you find that ANTS are invading your head space; take a minute, close your eyes and focus on that negative image, becoming aware of how it’s making you feel. Is your stomach in a knot? Is your head pounding? Do you just feel lousy? Now, allow yourself to create an image of something positive that makes you feel peaceful or joyful. Visualize that happy thing literally pushing or kicking or eating or squashing that negative image and taking over its spot in your thoughts. Gone is the false idea of how someone else thinks you should feel and in comes the truth of your own value, worth and abilities. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and feel the pleasant sensation flooding your brain and overtaking the stomach knot.

Don’t allow anyone else to choose how you feel about yourself or the day!  The truth is that you can control how you feel and deal with situations.  It takes practice, but mental flossing really works and is a helpful tool in preventing truth decay!