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Kickstands, Easels and Friends

March 15, 2012

I realize this is a strange title; but as you read it, think about what these three things have in common.  Kickstands keep your bike from falling over when you stop pedaling it. An easel is an upright frame for displaying or supporting something. And friends….well, they are like kickstands, in that they can keep you from falling over when you feel as if you can no longer pedal through a tough situation. A good friend; just like an easel, will definitely support you and allow you to display your very best side. A friend is someone who makes you believe in yourself and someone who asks you how you are doing….then actually sticks around to hear the answer.

As I go through life; I recognize that whatever I have accomplished, I haven’t done it alone. Somewhere along the way, someone has given me a boost; with a smile, a word of encouragement or some other kind of support. Sometimes, a friend just being there has been enough. It’s not about giving advice or telling me that of course, I’m right and I deserve self-pity…sometimes just listening and not talking is the best support there is! When it hurts to look back and you’re too scared to look ahead, you can always look beside you and find a friend by your side.

Friends will tell you when you have toilet paper trailing from your shoe or spinach stuck in your front teeth. They will either assure you that your new hair color doesn’t really make you look like Bozo the Clown, or they may suggest that perhaps multicolor striping might not be the best look for you….depending on what they think is in your best interest. They will laugh with you and cry with you and then laugh with you again, because you both have mascara stained faces and red noses. If you are a man, you might not get the mascara thing. But everyone can understand that laughter is a very important part of friendship. It’s the glue that holds it together. If you can really laugh with someone, you know that’s a valuable attribute to your relationship.

With each true friendship that is nurtured and valued, the world becomes a stronger place. If you have someone in your life whose friendship you appreciate, I hope you will take a moment to connect with him or her and say “Thank You,” for no reason other than just because they are in your life.

Anais Nin put it beautifully when she said, “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

And of course, when people share secrets, they will usually remain friends for a long time, because they each know too much about the other one!