Change is Inevitable…Panic is Optional!

I like to change my hair color, my nail polish and my socks. I sometimes like to change the way I have my furniture placed and I never minded changing the diapers of my babies or grandbabies. I would even enjoy changing the channels on my TV if I ever got the chance to hold the remote control, but my husband had it permanently super-glued to his hand. I can deal with those changes, but like so many other people, I sometimes fight against other changes in my life or my environment. There are times when I desperately try to hold on to the past…not wanting to let go of what used to be. I like to think of myself as adventurous; and in some things I am….I have rafted on white water rapids, jumped out of an airplane, and worn a bathing suit in public. But when it comes to letting go of things to which I have become attached, I hold on tighter than a cat stuck to a screen door! I hold on with my hands, my teeth and as much determination as I can muster.

I don’t think I’m that different from most people, in that sometimes I find it difficult to leave my happy little comfort zones and venture out into the vast and alien land of the unknown. Scary things lurk there! But once I accept that change is inevitable, I usually find that when I’m willing to entertain new possibilities and turn on the light of discovery, the monsters and the darkness go away.

It has been said that the only thing permanent is change. That is probably true…particularly in today’s world. Business models are changing, the economy is shifting and many of the things on which we thought we could depend, seem to be disappearing. But along with change comes opportunity. It sounds corny, but it’s true that part of acquiring positive feelings about taking a new path is being open to the possibility of good things happening.

If you find that change is upon you and you feel like rolling up in a ball and hiding under your bed….(or is that just me who does that?) you might try some of these ideas:

  • Stop making excuses for not embracing change and don’t blame other people….the world….your dog….etc. for the situation. Do not contribute to Global Whining.
  • Practice positive self talk.  Get rid of your ANTS…Automatic Negative Thoughts.
  • Remove yourself from negative people…if possible.
  • Surround yourself with supportive people…if possible.
  • Find something you love to do and make time to do it!
  • Don’t give in to despair. When things go wrong, remember that you have not been singled out to suffer! Everything is part of the larger picture.
  • Keep your past in the past.  Focus on the future.
  • Let go of your anger, guilt, fear, remorse and all of the other trolls that you’re carrying on your shoulders!
  • Express your emotions….just express in a healthy way.
  • Celebrate small victories.
  • Don’t sweat the petty stuff (and don’t pet the sweaty stuff).
  • Think of change as an opportunity to start a new life journey.
  • Refuse to wade and wallow in the wastewater of worldly woe!

Just remember that your very existence is a living and breathing organism and is constantly in a state of change. You can go with the flow, adapt and survive and thrive or you can fight it, struggle and be down for the count. Who knows, the change you so fear today might just be the life changing event that you celebrate tomorrow!


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