Lighting the Path to Greatness

Like most people, I am confused and distressed by what is going on in the world. I’m not referring to the economic situation or the political fighting or the environment, although those are real challenges. I’m more concerned about the way people seem to be treating each other. We are all under stress and strain and I suppose that is what is making people rather…well….snarky, for lack of a better word.  It seems as if a lot of us are wound up tighter than a bad perm!  People are angry behind the wheel, as well. Every time I have to drive somewhere, I feel like I’m in the middle of “carmageddon!”


We’re in a society that seems to put people at odds with each other, in that we are led to believe that you can’t win unless another person loses.  It’s becoming a little too important to hold onto what we have and to make sure no one else gets what we might want or think we might need in the future. We can’t afford to help other people because we are afraid we will lose something in the process.  In other words, we are ignoring the concept of working together and coming to solutions that benefit us all. Fear seems to be the “mood du jour” every day!


Possibly, we need a global attitude adjustment. I know I do! Sometimes, I feel like the elastic of my life is about ready to snap, sending me flinging across the room like a deflated balloon. That feeling usually has its roots in fear. When we are afraid of losing something; whether it is money, status, attention, opportunity, or perhaps just control over our own lives, we hold onto and protect everything we have…and sadly, we also cling to our fears! It’s time for a reminder that listening to, respecting, helping, and dare I say…loving other people does not weaken us; it strengthens us. We become more powerful when we step out and face our fears. The true energy zappers are our fears of failure or loss, and anger at those who believe differently than we do!


A while ago, to calm myself in a moment of panic, I wrote this poem. I’d like to share it with you. Hopefully, it will serve as encouragement and a reminder that hope can be more powerful than fear.



Lighting the Path to Greatness


There is a place in each of us where fear and hope reside

The test of who we really are is when these things collide

When we let ourselves climb higher, even knowing we might fall,

That tumble might just prove to be the greatest gift of all.


For it is in our failures that we find the message clear

In trying, we sing songs of joy and triumph over fear

We should seek not to be honored for our riches or our fame

Rather, greatness comes in rising from the ashes of our shame.


A life spent without challenge might be safe, but somehow wasted

For without the snares and obstacles, sweet victory can’t be tasted

We all were born to greatness…we have only to believe

That we were given all the tools to help us to achieve.


For the proof of our importance is just that we’re alive

And our purpose on this earth is to help others to survive

When we light the path for someone else, we light our own as well

And the spark of light with which we lead is where our greatness dwells.


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