The Six Saddest Words I Know

I think the six saddest words that can be spoken are, “I have nothing to laugh about.” It seems to me that I’m hearing those words more often these days. With the world getting smaller, due to technology, we are constantly bombarded with bad news from all around the world. Every now and then, you’ll see or hear a news report about someone doing something good for another person or read about a happy event somewhere in the land, but it seems that bad news is what sells. We used to be able to hide from it, but now it’s in our faces every day. It’s good to know what’s going on, but I think a steady and constant diet of doom and despair is causing mood poisoning!

While we can’t hide our heads in the sand, neither do we need to spend every last brain cell focusing on what is wrong in the world.  There are still some righteous and humorous goings-on out there and I think we all should take a pledge to look for them…and once you program your brain to seek them out, you’ll find that they are really not that hard to find.

I heard myself uttering those toxic words just last week! The snarky side of me woke up in a complaining mood and I spent a few morning hours contributing to global whining.  Interestingly, nobody really cared to share in my mood of mass destruction, so I had to quickly call upon the happy me to snap the snark out of my psyche!  My dark side had lamented that I had nothing to laugh about, so it was up to the light side to prove otherwise. I took a notebook with me and just started jotting down funny things that I saw out in the world.

First, I saw a sign at Wendy’s which read, “Come Visit our Drive-Thru Salad Bar.” I’m assuming that Wendy’s had a drive-thru and a salad bar, but they were not one in the same and someone just goofed up the spacing. Combining the two would have been messy because you’d get lettuce on your windshield.  That made me smile and I started to lighten up a little.

The next thing I saw that was smile-worthy was on a menu at a restaurant. Someone didn’t proofread very well because instead of “Chicken grilled with savory spices,” the entrée description read “Children grilled with savory spices.”  I have always loved children…I’ve just never tried them cooked with spices; savory or otherwise. That made me chuckle and I lightened a little bit more.

I was beginning to feel less toxic and I was beginning to enjoy looking for things that were funny. My next stop was at a hardware store.  It was there that I saw a warning tag on a table saw. It read, “Caution!! Keep saw away from fingers and genital area.”  That made me laugh and I lightened up a lot! And the more I thought about it, the funnier it became. Just the thought of why the manufacturer thought it necessary to warn people of the dangers of holding body parts that were dear to them anywhere near a sharp rotating blade, seemed hilarious.

I wrote these three experiences in my notebook and reflected on them several times that day. Every time I read them, I laughed and by the end of the day, I realized that I DID have something to laugh about. The world, with all of its woes, is still a funny place. You just have to look at it with eyes that are searching for humor.


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