Troll Day

This was a day for trolls. I seemed to encounter many angry and mean spirited people, so I’m wondering if today was some kind of a Celebrate Your Anger day.  I witnessed two parking lot show-downs, an exchange of…um….”harsh”words between a husband and wife who apparently disagreed about whether to purchase a washer/dryer combo,  several “one-fingered salutes” in traffic, and a man who actually told a woman who was taking too long in the grocery checkout line that judging from the way her jeans fit, she really didn’t need all of the junk food in her cart. Yikes!

Trolls are scary and you don’t want to get close to them. It’s as if they have imaginary pointy spikes sticking out of them and they pose a threat to anyone who crosses their path! They are angry and venomous and even their hair is tense! They are miserable and therefore, they feel that everyone else must pay the price for their misery.

You cannot fix trolls, because trolldom is an attitude and therefore, a choice. You must guard against trolls and above all; never allow them to determine your mood or define your feeling of self-worth. If possible, stay away from them.  However, if you work with one or possibly have married or given birth to a troll, you are in a tough position. You can’t change them (unless they are in diapers) but you can change how you allow their foul mood to affect you.

Fortunately, we don’t have to carry responsibility for other people’s happiness or lack of good cheer.  But we will occasionally encounter people who are looking for a fight. Your best defense is to gird yourself against angry trolls before you leave your house and go out into the world. Unfortunately, there is no spray like Troll Begone to use as a repellant, but I have come to learn that a positive attitude and a personal resolve to refuse to succomb to a troll’s venom can be very effective. Stay strong. Stay positive. Stay away from trolls.



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