Defying Gravity

There are things in this world that keep us grounded. Gravity  is responsible for a lot of it.  I  believe that gravity is helpful in keeping us from flinging off of the earth  and hurtling through space, although I am not fond of what it does to my body  parts as I get older.

Astronauts and others, who have had the good fortune to  experience floating in non-gravitational environments, express the amazing  freedom of weightlessness and flying without benefit of wings. I can imagine  how wonderful that would feel. Sometimes, I get into the swimming pool just because things become buoyant in water and I can remember what it was like to have body  parts in their original location.

Gravity is a natural and acceptable force for holding things  down, but there are other less than desirable anchors.  For instance; guilt, fear, worry, excuses,  laziness, resistance to change and all kinds of negativity can become weights  which prevent us from soaring and rising to higher levels of joy and success. I  call these anchors “Gravity Outlaws,” which is my attempt at a humorous  reference to the phrase “law of gravity.”  They rob us of our opportunities to fly and keep us grounded!

Other people can sometimes try to bring us down; but more  often….it is we who do it to ourselves! We listen to what others have told us  we cannot do and when we start to believe it…..we lose altitude! In the  Broadway musical, “Wicked” there is a  show stopping song titled “Defying Gravity.” I love the words………“I’m through accepting limits because someone  says they’re so. Some things I cannot change; but ‘til I try, I’ll never know!”  Sadly, the ‘someone’ who tells me that I  have limits is often ME!

I may be in a losing battle with gravity when it comes to my  relaxed-fit skin and various other anatomical amenities, but my spirit can defy  gravity and so can yours!

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