Super Powers

Have you noticed that these days, all TV and movie characters have super powers? Of course, there are the classics… Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Harry Potter, and all the other flying, web spinning, spell-casting, fire-breathing, acid-sweating heroes; but
even the semi-normal people seem to possess heroic talents. We see soccer moms who are psychic and an antique dealer who sees dead people. The list goes on and on.

I used to want a super power. When I was five, I thought it would be cool to become invisible and be able to see people when they didn’t even know I was there. Then, I accidentally saw my granny in her underwear and all of the sudden, being able to sneak up on people didn’t seem to be so inviting. Now, I no longer desire super powers, I just want normal powers. I want to be able to remember a phone number or driving directions for longer than 30 seconds after I have heard them. I want to be able to walk in heels that are higher than an inch without stumbling like a stork on roller blades. I would like the power to successfully fold contour sheets. I think I would enjoy having the power to apply lipliner that didn’t leave me looking like Ronald McDonald after a rough night out on the town. Most of all, I’d like to be able to eat whatever I wanted without having my rear end look like two Cinnabons.

There is, however, a power that we all do have and it’s even better than flying or turning people into frogs. It’s the power to make people “appear.” No…not DISappear. I mean appear. Sometimes a person needs help finding their life song. We all have one, you know. It is the inner melody that plays inside of each of us and begs us to dance to its tune. It is the gift or the talent or the dream or the hope that makes us who we are. Sadly, many of us stumble through life without ever listening to our melodies and we never really appear
on the great stage of life. The greatest super power any one of us can have is the ability to help others to hear their songs.

I like to think of POWER as an acronym for Providing Others With Enthusiastic Reinforcement! This is the best kind of super power I can imagine. When we empower others to empower themselves, we end up being empowered as well. This appeals to my sense of order because being a stereotypical super hero wouldn’t work for me. I don’t look good in tights, I have no magic wand and I’m too old to run out at all hours of the night fighting crime.


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