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Are You Aging With Grace or Running Hastily from Father Time?

March 12, 2010

Age is a funny thing, isn’t it? When we are babies, our parents measure our age in months. A baby is 18 or 22 months old and so on, until she gets to be about two, at which time, we start adding the “half” qualifier. A first grader will always make sure you know that he’s six and a HALF. We push to be older than we are; especially when it  means that at sixteen, we can drive and at eighteen, we are emancipated. Then comes the thirtieth birthday. Usually, around that time, people begin to count backwards and not be in such a hurry to get to the next age. My birthday happens to be on New Year’s Eve. I am always quick to make sure that people know I won’t be a year older until the VERY LAST DAY of the year. I was born at 7:29 AM, so I don’t officially count myself as a year older until 7:30.

Actually, I think it would be pretty fun to start to count my age in months again. On my next birthday, I will be 708  months old. Makes me sound like Methuselah, doesn’t it? But after using 708  to explain how old I am, 59 doesn’t sound so bad!

The term “Middle Age” is another enigma to me. I hear 55 year old people calling themselves middle aged. That being the case, apparently they plan to live to 110. Maybe they will and more power to them!

The point is, we’re too hung up on age. Our culture has a lot to do with that. We see a steady flow of cosmetic ads, featuring 20-somethings peddling anti-aging beauty products. These babies wouldn’t know a wrinkle if they fell into it. We live in a nip and tuck society which has us convinced that we must do all we can to fight off Father Time because if we should slip into the senior years, we are doomed!

Personally, I think we’ve been sold a bill of goods. If we are still here on earth, our work isn’t done and the number attached to our years shouldn’t really matter!