Women and Willows

I’m new at this blog thing.  To me, a blog is the sound that my garbage disposal makes when it’s backed up.  Anyway, I’m embarking on this journey and hope to share some thoughts with other women who are trying to make it through life. on their own, after the age of being “cute and hot.”  Actually, I’m still hot….it just comes in flashes now.

It’s tough to be an “invisible” woman; one who doesn’t quite fit into the mold of size 4 hotpants and taut abs.  I am actually quite comfortable in my skin now because it has a relaxed fit! But others don’t necessarily think that jiggly is cute when you’re over 50!

I’m a newborn in the areas of twittering, blogging and all things technical.   When someone first suggested that I twitter, I thought they were suggesting something that would make me giggle.  I feel a little dinosaurish, but excited that there is something out there that will allow me to communicate with more people about my passion; helping women to build self esteem and confidence.  After being married for a long time and feeling rather secure in life, when the rug gets pulled out from under you, it can be a tad disconcerting.

Women must constantly redefine themselves and their roles in life and that’s what this blog is about.  My organization, the Willow Connection, is about just that.  I was fascinated to learn that in a willow grove, the trees are all connected with one root system. What affects one, affects them all. And they also are very determined to live; often being nearly destroyed and then finding one tiny source of water to nourish the whole group. 

When women reach out to help each other, amazing things can happen, so share your stories of survival and renewal here because they may just encourage someone else.

I believe in the power of laughter…it’s the medicine with no bad side effects.  I encourage all of you (if you’re out there) to add more days to your life by adding more life to your days!



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